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Marcelo Michel Leaño tries to defend himself after the lack of new players for Chivas

He also claimed Yrizar will have to earn his place on the senior team’s roster.

He added that not every player is worthy of playing for Chivas.
He added that not every player is worthy of playing for Chivas.

Fans have been rightfully mad at Marcelo Michel Leaño, Chivas coach, and the team’s ownership about the lack of acquisitions prior the start of Clausura 2022, as they only added Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado out of Cruz Azul and the late and quiet registration of Mexican striker, Paolo Yrizar.

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Leaño said today that he’s sure Chivas will convince the skeptics as they have a strong team-core and won’t have to rely on individualities or just a few players, but manifested that there hasn't been a lot of acquisitions because not every player is worthy of playing for Chivas

Chivas coach also claimed that they understand why fans have doubts about the addition of Yrizar, but he said everyone will have to earn their place in the roster, including him, who will first have to make his case playing for Tapatío, Chivas Academy team.

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Yrizar debuts with goal on the Academy team

After a lot of talking about Chivas addition of Paolo Yrizar on the last day of registration for Liga MX teams, he debuted today with a goal in the 2-0 win for his team. On today’s game he played for Tapatío in Liga de Expansión, second tier league in Mexico, which will suggest he won’t be part of Chivas squad for this weekend’s match.

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