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Liga MX: he was erased from Chivas and now that he left El Rebaño, he’s shining

Marcelo Michel Leaño didn’t want him in Chivas.

He left after Clausura 2022 already started.
He left after Clausura 2022 already started.

One of the best decisions that Amaury Vergara has taken since he became the owner of Chivas is to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño, who left the first team in a severe crisis of results, as well as erasing talented players from the roster.

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The Mexican coach was in El Rebaño’s dugout for 22 games, but he was able to win only five of them. He also saved a draw on nine occasions and lost the remainder eight games, which in the end left him with an efficiency percentage of less than 40%.

From those five victories, only three of them were in Clausura 2022, that added to five draws and five defeats, had Chivas standing 14 with the same number of points after 13 rounds, out of the Repechaje zone and given their poor performances, without aspirations of transcending.

But once he left and Ricardo Cadena took over, Chivas were able to comeback and finish the season standing sixth, thanks to the four straight victories that they earned in the same number of games, although their numbers could have been better if they had the right striker, one that Michel Leaño decided that he didn’t have the level needed to play in El Rebaño.

From not playing to scoring a hat trick

Although Chivas currently have Ángel Zaldívar and José Juan Macías as the top strikers on the roster, neither of them were of much help for Ricardo Cadena, as Zaldívar couldn’t score a single goal and Macías didn’t play due to an injury.

Ronaldo Cisneros could have been the striker that took over the starting role during those four games if it wasn’t for the fact that he left Chivas after Clausura 2022already started thanks to the lack of trust that Michel Leaño had in him.

Cisneros joined MLS side Atlanta United on a short loan with option to buy back in March, and with the current performances he’s having, Chivas can start forgetting about him, as he’s become the top scorer for the Five Stripes thanks to the hat trick that he scored on the game against Chicago Fire.

He’s already making history in MLS

The 25-year-old striker has played five games in the current season and has scored already four goals, making him the top scorer for his teambut also a record-breaker, as his hat trick was the fastest in Atlanta United’s history, as it only took him 36 minutes to achieve it, three less than the one of Josef Martínez against New England Revolution

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