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Liga MX: Club Querétaro will relocate for Apertura 2022 thanks to Emilio Azcárraga and Club América

The team must be sold before the year ends.

They finished the season with only 17 points.
They finished the season with only 17 points.

Now that the regular season of Clausura 2022 is over and six teams are already eliminated from the race for the title, a new question has arisen before teams start planning what will be the 2022-23 season: What is going to happen with Club Querétaro?

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After the brawl that happened in the stands of Estadio Corregidora in early March, Liga MX established that Querétaro franchise must be sold by the end of the year as one of the measures taken against the team for not being able to guarantee the safety of the players and the assistants to the game.

The team was also banned from having people on the stands for the following three years and was returned to their former owners, Grupo Caliente and Jorgealberto Hank, who were requested to ensure the transition of the club to the new owners.

But up until now, there haven’t been clear news about the future of the franchise, and players and coaching staff have been living with the uncertainty since Liga MX announced the measures, which is why the club finished the season at the bottom of the table.

Will Gallos Blancos remain in Querétaro?

Reports inform that a decision will be made in the next club owners meeting, when Liga MX will review the requests of the investors that want to acquire the franchise. Although there’s been a few offers, the one that has more chances of acquiring the team will be backed up by Emilio Azcárraga.

According to reports from Diario Quintana Roo, it is Emilio Escalante the investor that has the lead to acquire Querétaro franchise thanks to the influence that Emilio Azcárraga has on the board, as he not only owns Club América but also Televisa.

If Escalante ends up acquiring Gallos Blancos, Querétaro city will be left without professional soccer, as his plan is to relocate it in Mexico City and rename it as Club Atlante, team that he already owns and that currently plays in Liga de Expansión.

What other offers does Club Querétaro has?

Escalante is not the only interested in acquiring Querétaro franchise, as Cuauhtémoc Blanco has also showed interest in having a professional soccer team in Morelos. There is also interest from a small group of investors to maintain the team in Querétaro, although that’s the least probable thing to happen.

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