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Liga MX 2022 Rumors: Rodolfo Pizarro to arrive tomorrow at Monterrey

The "Joker" was waiting for the call from Chivas, but it never came.

The "Joker" was waiting for the call from Chivas, but it never came.
The "Joker" was waiting for the call from Chivas, but it never came.

In recent days, the rumor has gained momentum that Rodolfo Pizarro will play for Monterrey in Liga MX 2022 and that he would be joining the club tomorrow

This news was supported by information provided by the Miami Herald, a newspaper in which a few days ago it was reported that someone close to the league revealed this information to them

But the media also revealed that Pizarro was anxious to return to Liga MX to have more minutes and prominence and thus, be able to earn a place in the team for the World Cup in Qatar 2022

What happened to the possibility of Pizarro's arrival at Chivas?

However, this was not the only information that shed light on the possible fate of the "Joker". Mexican media also provided an important clue.

According to David Medrano, soccer broadcaster for TV Azteca, Pizarro was already in the city of Guadalajara to look for a place with Chivas; however, the MLS Inter Miami CF midfielder is not in the club's plans

The other issue with Chivas is that the team is not doing well financially, so trying to bring in Rodolfo Pizarro would have been much more expensive than they expected. 

And as far as is known, the player did not want to lower his salary to play for Club Deportivo Guadalajara

Neither Michel Leaño nor Ricardo Pelaez considers him to be part of the team in the next tournament, so his last hope to return to Mexico will be the Rayados de Monterrey. 

Although Pizarro is an idol at Chivas, he is also highly appreciated in Monterrey because he won the Apertura 2019 title and the Concachampions of the same year with them.

How much will Monterrey have to pay to bring Pizarro to Liga MX? 

Contrary to what happened with Chivas, Pizarro has agreed to reduce his salary by up to 70 percent to return to Monterrey

This information, published by TV Azteca, has revealed that this decision was made by the player himself because his salary was too high for Rayados. 

In MLS, the Inter Miami CF midfielder was paid around 3.35 million dollars a year, which impeded for La Pandilla to sign him and return him to Liga MX. 

But with the reduction proposed by the player himself, he would earn close to 990 thousand dollars a year, an amount also high but possible to achieve for Monterrey. 

Why is Inter Miami CF interested in letting Pizarro leave MLS?

It is no secret that when Rodolfo Pizarro arrived at the "Herons" club, there were high hopes for him, and in his first few games, he was able to show signs of his quality. 

But the problem was with the long term: Pizarro only managed seven goals in 46 games with Miami and the board's idea of forming a scoring duo with him and Gonzalo Higuain did not give the expected results. 

In the end, Higuaín played better without the Joker on the field; and the same happened with Pizarro when Higuaín was not on the field with him. 

Little by little Gonzalo Higuaín became the team's leading scorer, with 12 goals and seven assists. At the same time, he was establishing himself alongside his brother Federico as the team's attacking duo. 

And when his brother was not playing, Higuaín would drop back to take the number 10's place, and that is when the "Pipita" would enter Pizarro's playing space and hinder him.  

This became another obstacle for Pizarro, who over the months began to say publicly that he no longer felt confident on the field

It seems that this was the most important factor in the player's decision to give Monterrey a chance, a team that should soon announce the player's arrival at the club. 

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