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Is Alan Mozo leaving Pumas UNAM? Andres Lillini breaks silence and scares Universitarios fans

The right-back has seduced several Liga MX clubs.

By Wilian Estrella

The right-back has seduced several Liga MX clubs.
The right-back has seduced several Liga MX clubs.
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Is Alan Mozo leaving Pumas UNAM? Andrés Lillini breaks the silence and scares Universitarios fans, as the Universitario right-back had an excellent Torneo Clausura 2022 in which he displayed his abilities like never before. 

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Mozo showed the other Liga MX clubs that the Auriazul's homegrown players can give depth in attack to any squad, in addition to the fact that the player is already a benchmark of the team and was consecrated before the team's fans.

But for some days now, his name has been in the air for several Liga MX clubs, which is why the media have wanted to know if the player will remain with the team coached by Lillini, or if his destiny will be with other clubs.

Is Alan Mozo leaving Pumas UNAM? The teams he could join

According to reports in the Mexican press, there are two teams very interested in Alan Mozo: FC Juárez and Chivas, and although the interest of the first team does not scare the University fans, the second team does scare them because of the economic power of the club.

Therefore, since this version began to circulate, the Mexican press has tried to get the truth out of the player, who has remained tight-lipped on the subject, but what is known is that the Chivas management has already approached Mozo.

For this reason, the University community fears that the player will leave the team, and, as the media has insisted to Andrés Lillini talk about the issue, he broke his silence about the player's situation.

Andres Lillini breaks silence and scares University fans

The Argentinean coach of Pumas UNAM broke his silence on the subject and aroused fear in the team's fans by mentioning that if Alan Mozo wants to leave the team, the institution will not stand in the way and the coach has already thought that if Mozo leaves, he has players to replace him. 

"If he is going to be better than at Pumas and the conditions are better for him, let him leave, that is my idea. I have two players from the basic forces who can do it (cover Alan Mozo's position)", were the words of the team's coach when the media asked him about it.

The likely explanation for Mozo's departure from Pumas UNAM is that the team needs money to bring in reinforcements to make them more competitive as Alan Mozo's charter is valued at just over US$4 million, as the issue has been on Llillini's agenda since the team was eliminated from the tournament.

"We agreed with the president and Dr. Mejía Barón that we have to leap in quality in terms of the reinforcements we bring in. We are focusing first on local soccer, it would be very good to bring in players who are in the Mexican environment. Negotiations are not easy, but the first thing is to look at national soccer to reinforce me from there", was what the coach said on the subject of reinforcements. 

While it is not yet a fact that Mozo is leaving Pumas UNAM, the players are already fearing the worst and are just waiting for confirmation.

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