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He’s a disciple of Marcelo Bielsa and is ready to arrive at Chivas

He knows who is going to be his first addition.

By Jose Castro

He knows who is going to be his first addition.
He knows who is going to be his first addition.
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Chivas couldn’t beat Atlas in the quarterfinals of Clausura 2022 in a series that became the biggest challenge for Ricardo Cadena since he took over the team, a challenge where he was unsuccessful and that might have costed him his place with the first team.

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The Rojinegros got the advantage in the first leg, as they beat 2-1 El Rebaño Sagrado in Estadio Akron, which gave them a comfortable position for the second leg, where Ricardo Cadena never found a way to break their strategy and ended tying the game 1-1 in the last minutes.

Although before the quarterfinals Cadena had an unbeaten streak for five games, which was enough for Chivas to get into Repechaje and the beat Pumas to make it into their first Liguilla in over a year, the pressure got to him, and he showed his inexperience.

The elimination from Chivas was all that Ricardo Peláez needed to decide that Cadena wasn’t the coach that El Rebaño Sagrado needed, which is why he already has found a new coach that will take over the team for Apertura 2022.


Who is going to be the new Chivas coach?

After El Rebaño couldn’t sign Marcelo Bielsa, who has been available since parting ways with Leeds United in late February, Ricardo Peláez has reached out to one of his disciples, as he’s looking for someone with enough experience.

According to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, the coach that Chivas are negotiating with is Andrés Lillini, as the Pumas coach hasn’t agreed to a contract extension with Los Universitarios and will become a free agent once Clausura 2022 is over.

The Argentine coach already had conversations with Ricardo Peláez to know about the structure of Chivas, as well as the roster and the possible additions that Lillini will want, as he already knows who will be the first player that he will have.


He’s looking to arrive with one of his former players

Lillini is looking to arrive at Chivas along Alan Mozo, player that stood out during his stint as Los Universitarios coach. If Chivas want to acquire the 25-year-old right-winger, they will have to pay $4.2 million, as he still is under contract with Pumas until 2023.

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