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He is paid less than Jonathan dos Santos and will be at the Manchester City vs. Club América match, to play against Haaland

A player much loved by the Azulcremas has had a meteoric rise to the elite of Mexican soccer.

Club América prepares to face Manchester City with Erling Haaland.
Club América prepares to face Manchester City with Erling Haaland.

In Mexican soccer, there are stories of overcoming and the most interesting is that of a player who is paid less than Jonathan dos Santos, and will be in the Manchester City vs Club America match to play against Haaland.

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The comparison makes all the sense in the world because while the younger Dos Santos was brought in as a star for the team and his contributions have been minimal, the other player arrived at a gift price and has become indispensable in Fernando Ortiz's tactical scheme. 

This is the player who is paid less than Jonathan dos Santos and will be in the Manchester City vs Club América match

The player in question is Alejandro Zendejas, who arrived at the club in January of this year and earns 49 thousand dollars per season, unlike the almost 2 million dollars that the younger of the Dos Santos brothers earn

And it is important to make the comparison because while Zendejas has already scored 3 goals in the tournament, Dos Santos has none and at the beginning of his stay with the Águilas, he spent several rounds of the tournament watching his team from the bench. 

And even though with "Tano" Ortiz the player has had a little more participation, the results of the investment made by Club América to bring in this player are nowhere to be seen. 

While in the case of Zendejas, he arrived at a bargain price for the Coapa club and the investment has been profitable for the club, to the extent that the player is one of the most loved by the Azulcrema fans. 

Is Alejandro Zendejas ready to play against Erlin Haaland?

Since it was confirmed by the international press that Erling Haaland will be part of Manchester City for next season, the Azulcrema fans are excited. 

This is because there is a strong possibility that the Norwegian player, who has been a sensation this 2022, will make his debut for his new club in the friendly match that Manchester City and Club América will play in the summer of this year.

And if this debut were to become a reality, it would mean the consecration of a player who came from the bottom, who would only need to win a title with the Águilas to become a reference for the club. 

In the meantime, Jonathan dos Santos continues not to be a reference for the team, which is what he was brought in for, and he is not being well accepted by the Azulcremas fans who, from the beginning, did not agree with his arrival at the club.   

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