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Diego Rolán scores a double in his return to Liga MX 2022 and leads the Bravos to victory

With this impressive return to the tournament, the Charrúa player proved that he can be the jewel of the Mexican League 2022. 

Is the charrúa Roldán the new jewel of Mexican soccer?
Is the charrúa Roldán the new jewel of Mexican soccer?

Last night Necaxa came up against a true scoring machine, as Diego Rolán scored a brace in his return to Liga MX 2022 to lead the Bravos to victory

The player had left for Spain a few months ago but after living a very complicated process with Deportivo La Coruña, Roldán had a triumphant return to Mexico in which, with his two goals, he led Juárez to a 2-1 win over Necaxa

The Bravos de Juárez only needed 60 seconds for Rolán's first goal to open the scoring. And from that moment on, the superiority of the team from the border over the Rayos was evident. 

For Necaxa, Alejandro Zendejas scored the equalizer for his team, but it was not enough as the Bravos came back and killed off the match to take the first three points of the season. 

Juárez's victory took place at the Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez, in a match scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Mexico time, one of the matches of Day 1 that did not change due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19

Roldan's goals and the response of Zendejas and Necaxa

Barely 60 seconds had passed in the first half and the Bravos' ball began to circulate from the goal. 

But when the ball arrived at the feet of Gabriel Frenández, he took off on the run and made a run down the left side of the field. 

Having beaten the rival defense, he served a pass into the box, right to the feet of Diego Rolán who, without hesitation, dressed as a hero and pushed the ball into the back of the net to open the match 1-0

However, the Rayos would not stay with their hands folded and in the 45th minute of the match, Alejandro Zendejas scored a goal to tie the game 1-1

Taking advantage of a pass into the opponent's box, Zendejas jumped and headed the ball in to give his team the equalizer. 

The last goal of the game came from a penalty kick.

This occurred when the central referee decreed a penalty in favor of the locals and immediately, without hesitation and for an apparent insult, expelled goalkeeper Ángel Malagón in the 50th minute.

To the Rayos' nightmare, the man designated to take the penalty was none other than Diego Rolán, who confidently stepped up and shot to seal the match.

Is the charrúa Roldán the new jewel of Mexican soccer?

Everything seems to indicate that Rolán is shaping up to be the new jewel of the Mexican League 2022, both because of his hunger for goals and because he is responding to his coach's trust. 

And this coach, who is none other than Ricardo "El Tuca" Ferretti, has always had a keen eye for talent from outside Mexico.

It is enough to remember that under his instructions, André Pierre-Gignac became one of the most winning foreigners in all of Liga MX

Since his arrival in 2015 to Liga MX, Gignac and Ferretti formed one of the most winning duos in history, so if this is the case with Rolán, we could undoubtedly be facing the new jewel of Mexican soccer. 

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