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Crisis at Toluca: Valber Huerta tried to save the Diablos Rojos, but Óscar Luis Vanegas Zúñiga condemned them

The club, once one of the most dominant in the '90s, is sunk and even their fans protested.

In Liga MX 2022, the Crisis in Toluca has become evident.
In Liga MX 2022, the Crisis in Toluca has become evident.

In Liga MX 2022, the Crisis in Toluca has become evident, as in today's match, Valber Huerta tried to save the Diablos Rojos, but Óscar Luis Vanegas Zúñiga condemned them.

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And the actions of these players can be seen individually, but when analyzed as a whole, it is possible to understand the crisis that the team is going through.

Toluca's crisis has already reached its fans

And this crisis is already more evident than ever, since this afternoon, after the defeat that the Diablos Rojos del Toluca suffered against the Zorros del Atlas, their fans protested in the stadium and made their displeasure with the club felt.

And after the 2-4 loss to the Rojinegros del Atlas, the Toluca supporters left the Nemesio Diez stadium disappointed and left their drums in the stands as a form of protest against the team's poor results.

And they were not the only ones, as the popular sports commentator, Christian Martinoli, strongly criticized the club's current performance, saying that fortunately there is no relegation in the tournament, as Toluca would be close to relegation.

Valber Huerta tried to save the Red Devils

You can't ask for more from the Chilean defender: not only does he do his defensive work efficiently, but he also has a goal and that was more than evident today when he scored the first goal of the match after 4 minutes of play. 

And this is not the first goal that the Chilean has scored in Liga MX 2022, as in Round 12, he scored against Puebla, contributing to his club's victory, so this is one of the elements that the squad must keep for the next tournament.

Although it is very likely that after his performance in the current tournament, other teams in Liga MX 2022 will want him in their lineups. 

Óscar Luis Vanegas Zúñiga condemned Toluca

The other side of the coin at the club is Óscar Luis Vanegas Zúñiga who, this afternoon, was a starter because of the accumulation of cards of Haret Ortega and the Chilean Baeza, who could not be fielded in the match, along with Rigotano, a lineup that had not been seen.

In fact, Vanegas had been left out of the club's starting lineup due to problems with Ignacio Ambriz, but today necessity forced the Diablos Rojos' head coach to field him.

And he would regret this decision because in the 45th minute of the first half Vanegas committed the first penalty and was cautioned; and for the second half, in the 60th minute, he made a handball inside the area, which earned him the second yellow card. 

With this, the defender is the worst of the club and will probably leave the team in the next transfer window. 

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