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Chivas: Ricardo Peláez wants a coach that charges 8 more times than Ricardo Cadena

Ricardo Cadena Helped Chivas make it into Repechaje.

He remains unbeaten as Chivas coach.
He remains unbeaten as Chivas coach.

It took 13 rounds of Clausura 2022 for Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez to finally understand that the presence of Marcelo Michel Leaño in Chivas’s dugout was the reason they weren’t succeeding in Liga MX, as he left them out of Repechaje spots.

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Amaury Vergara already has a new coach for Chivas

The Mexican coach left El Rebaño Sagrado standing 14 in Liga MX table, with the same number of points as a result of only three victories in the season -against Mazatlán FC, FC Juárez and Santos Laguna- and five draws, with the remainder five games becoming defeats.

After his departure, Ricardo Cadena, who was coaching CD Tapatío, from Liga de Expansión, became the interim coach for the remainder of the season, which ultimately became the best decision that Vergara and Peláez could have taken in benefit of Chivas.

Chivas remains unbeaten in the four games that Cadena has been in charge of El Rebaño, and thanks to the 12 points obtained with the former Tapatío coach, they were able to ensure their presence in Repechaje, as they finished sixth.

Ricardo Peláez is not convinced with Cadena

But not even the outstanding performances that Chivas have had thanks to Ricardo Cadena have earned him an opportunity to remain in El Rebaño’s dugout for Apertura 2022, as Ricardo Peláez is still looking for a new coach to take over the team once the season is over.

According to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, Peláez doesn’t want to have Cadena in the first team next season, which is why he’s considering Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti as the next Chivas coach, given that he’s one of the most experienced coaches in Liga MX.

Ferretti has the chance of arriving at Chivas given that his contract with FC Juárez expires at the end of the season and he’s not planning on renewing with them. Instead, he’s looking to continue his career elsewhere to clear his name from the failure that was his stint at Bravos.

Ferretti’s salary is almost 8 times higher than Cadena’s

One of the disadvantages of having Ricardo Ferretti as their next coach is the high salary he has, as he will earn $3 million per season, the same salary that he earns in Juárez, which is almost eight times higher than Cadena’s salary, as he currently earns $400,000 per year.

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