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Chivas: Ricardo Cadena won’t stay in El Rebaño for next season; this is his next club

He has coached Chivas for four games.

He replaced Marcelo Michel Leaño.
He replaced Marcelo Michel Leaño.

One of the best things that happened to Chivas in Clausura 2022 was the departure of Marcelo Michel Leaño from the dugout, as the Mexican coach couldn’t establish a good system that benefited the players and give them the expected results.

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The player that can be Ángel Zaldívar’s replacement in Chivas

Since Ricardo Cadena took over the team four games ago, El Rebaño Sagrado remains unbeaten, as they have won their games against Cruz Azul, Xolos de Tijuana, Pumas and las Friday against Club Necaxa on their visit to Aguascalientes.

It's more impressive if taken into consideration that they have two clean sheets thanks to the performances of Luis "Wacho" Jiménez, who was the second goalkeeper up until the seventh round, as well as having four victories without a single goal from a forward.

Neither Ángel Zaldívar nor José Juan Macías have been able to score since Cadena became the interim coach, aproblem he'll have to fix before playing in Liguilla, as a reliable striker will improve their chances of succeeding.

He will leave Chivas at the end of the season

When Cadena replaced Michel Leaño, El Rebaño didn't have many aspirations of making it past the 17 game of the season, as they were outside of Repechaje spots and didn't have a plan to follow to finish the season in one of the last spots to the playoffs.

But that doesn't seem to be enough for Ricardo Peláez, as even if Amaury Vergara is content with the results achieved by Cadena, the Mexican coach will leave his position once Chivas' participation in Clausura 2022 is over.

According to reports, given the few experience that Cadena has in Liga MX, he will have to return to CD Tapatío, where he was coaching before getting promoted to replace Leaño. Ricardo Peláez is already looking for someone to take over the coaching role in Chivas for next season.

He has two main candidates to arrive at Chivas

Given the good performances that he has had since arriving at Liga MX for Clausura 2021, Nicolás Larcamón is one of Peláez prospects to arrive at Chivas for next season. The other one is Ricardo Ferretti, who currently is coaching FC Juárez but will leave Bravos at the end of the season.

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