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Chivas: If Marcelo Bielsa arrives at El Rebaño, he already knows the players that will leave

Chivas and Marcelo Bielsa are in contact in order for “El Loco” to assume as coach

Marcelo Bielsa crossing his arms
Marcelo Bielsa crossing his arms ( -- ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP)

After parting ways with Marcelo Michel Cadena given the poor results that he achieved during his stint as Chivas coach, only three victories in 13 games, El Rebaño Sagrado hasn’t stopped looking for a new coach for Apertura 2022.

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For now, Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez named Ricardo Cadena as the interim coach for the remainder of the season, as he had a good performance with CD Tapatío, Chivas reserves team that plays in Liga de Expansión.

In the four games that Cadena has coached El Rebaño Sagrado, he remains unbeaten, as he managed to beat Cruz Azul, Xolos de Tijuana, Pumas, and Club Necaxa, earning 12 points that helped them reach Repechaje, where they will face Pumas.

But not even the good results have made him the top contender to remain in El Rebaño’s dugout for Apertura 2022, although he’s now on the mix to be Chivas’s next coach, especially if Marcelo Bielsa, the plan A of Peláez, doesn’t arrive.

Will Bielsa arrive at Chivas?

Reports from Diario Récord suggest that Chivas already is negotiating with Marcelo Bielsa his arrival for Apertura 2022, as he requested tapes from the players in the current roster to assess the areas that El Rebaño needs to improve.

According to the report from Peloteros PQ, if Bielsa decides to arrive at Chivas, he’ll do a locker room cleanout, as he knows that there’s players in the current roster that haven’t contributed to the team in Clausura 2022.

His decision of parting ways with several players will also help create spots on the first team for younger players, as Bielsa is known for boosting the academy teams and giving opportunities for the most outstanding academy players.

Who are the players that will leave Chivas?

Players like Jesús Molina, Hiram Mier and Jesús Sánchez lead the list of players that will leave Chivas, as they are on the last part of their careers. Others, like Ángel Zaldívar and Antonio Briseño also have to look for a new team, as they haven’t contributed to El Rebaño on their stint.

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