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Amaury Vergara is in negotiations with a new head coach for Chivas

Marcelo Michel Leaño has had irregular results.

By Jose Castro

Marcelo Michel Leaño has had irregular results.
Marcelo Michel Leaño has had irregular results.
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In Clausura 2022, Chivas has become one of the most irregular teams in Liga MX, as they have been fluctuating from the middle of the table to the bottom, given the poor performances they have had since Marcelo Michel Leaño started coaching them.

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Chivas has 14 points after 13 rounds, although they have pending game that will be played this Tuesday, when they visit Monterrey without Michel Leaño and Carlos “Charal” Cisneros, who were sent off on their last game against Toluca.

With 14 points, El Rebaño Sagrado would be eliminated if the season ended today, as they don’t enough points to sneak in the last spot that gives access to Repechaje. For now, Xolos de Tijuana are holding that spot, with 16 points.

That’s why Amaury Vergara finally realized that keeping Michel Leaño as Chivas’ coach will only jeopardize their future, as he’s won just 5 games of the 21 he’s been in El Rebaño’s dugout, which is why he’s already negotiating with a new coach to take over the team once the season is over.


Who is the coach that will arrive at Chivas?

Marcelo Michel Leaño is aware that his future in El Rebaño’s dugout is hanging by a thread, and he even said during an interview for ESPN that he could leave at the end of the season given that his system is not working and that the roster hasn’t answered as he hoped they would.

His declarations confirmed that Vergara is pursuing the signing of a new coach who already knows Liga MX and is the perfect fit for Chivas, as Andrés Lillini has made Pumas a contender team since he took over Los Universitarios and has them with one foot in the final of the CONCACAF Champions League.

Lillini arrived at Pumas just days before Clausura 2020 started, as an interim coach, just like Marcelo Michel Leaño, but he has found a way of making the most out of a roster with evident limitations, something that the current Chivas coach is still struggling to do.


Can he arrive at Chivas?

Andrés Lillini is on the last months of his contract with Pumas and hasn’t negotiated his contract extension, which makes him the perfect option for El Rebaño, as he has experience in Liga MX but also coaching academy teams successfully, a plus that will increase the level of Chivas.

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