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Amaury Vergara is considering signing Marcelo Bielsa to become the next Chivas’ coach

Marcelo Michel Leaño has won just 4 games as Chivas coach.

Chivas have won just two games in Clausura 2022.
Chivas have won just two games in Clausura 2022.

Chivas have been struggling during Clausura 2022, as they haven’t been able to win to teams that are on the top side of the table, which is why they have four defeats, including three on their last four games.

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Since Marcelo Michel Leaño arrived in Chivas’ dugout, they haven’t had good results, as they’ve only won four out of the 16 games. But the game against Club Puebla last week put in evidence that Chivas only rely on individualities, and they have no capability of response if things don’t go their way.

That’s why Amaury Vergara is considering changing the structure of Chivas, as Michel Leaño hasn’t prove to be a coach made to be in Liga MX. The option he’s considering replacing Marcelo Michel Leaño is the newly free agent, Marcelo Bielsa.

In the past, Bielsa was close to arrive in Chivas, as Jorge Vergara wanted the Argentine coach to be part of Chivas structure to create a new model of management in which they could boost the academy, although they couldn’t complete a deal and it never became a reality.

Will Chivas pursue the signing of Bielsa?

Leeds United parted ways with Marcelo Bielsa after a bad streak that left the Peacocks just two points over the relegation zone of Premier League. That doesn’t mean that Bielsa has lost his touch, as he was the one that helped the Whites to return to English top flight after 16 years.

Amaury Vergara could convince the Argentine coach to take over the team and finally fulfill his father’s wish of establishing the best academy in Liga MX, given that they’re the only team that plays with Mexican players. If that happens, Michel Leaño will finish the season as Chivas coach and then will integrate to Bielsa’s coaching staff, something that will help him to improve as a coach.

Bielsa is known for having one of the best coaching schools in Latin America, one that he has establish from Argentina to Mexico, as variouscoaches have implemented his system, including Jorge Sampaoli and even Pumas’ coach, Andrés Lillini.

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