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Why would Carlos Vela give up his dream of returning to Europe?

Los Angeles FC forward, Carlos Vela, missed playing in Europe, but injuries would give him a new future in MLS.

Carlos Vela
Carlos Vela

Carlos Vela came to American football with great fanfare as the first franchise player for Los Angeles FC. The forward responded to pure goal and in the second season he managed to score 34 goals in 31 games (MLS record), but the injuries came, and the rumor settled that the Mexican attacker wanted to return to Europe.

Los Angeles FC started the MLS 2021 season as one of the top candidates to win the title, but having their main figure, Vela, off the court in 14 games, they could be left out of the Playoffs. Carlos and injuries, a nightmare that never seems to end.

On the second date, Carlos Vela had a discomfort in the right quadriceps, he missed three games and returned with 5 goals and 4 assists, but on August 29 he relapsed from the injury, and was out 11 more games. In the midst of this stormy 2021 for the Mexican forward, he began to talk about his future.

Vela ends his contract at the end of the 2021 season and with some statements that caused a stir, he opened the doors to return to Europe. However, it is no secret that the injuries affected him and in a 180 degree turn, the Mexican forward would have other plans to define what the next step in his career will be.

According to Salvador Pérez, a journalist who covers MLS, Carlos Vela's new plans are to be able to continue with Los Angeles FC and leave behind the intentions of wanting to return to Europe. Did the injuries take you away from the Old Continent?

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