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Why Sergio Ramos is leaving Real Madrid? The 4 reasons to understand it

By Alexis Almosnino

Why Sergio Ramos is leaving Real Madrid? The 4 reasons to understand it

The news came that nobody in Madrid wanted to hear. Finally, and after 16 years, Sergio Ramos leaves the White House, and will continue his career outside of Spain. He left of his own free will, or did they do not want him to continue?

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Year 2005. A 19-year-old man leaves Seville, with many illusions, and a story to write. Few know him in Spain. It's true, he has 40 games on his back, playing professionally. Will you be able to repeat that brand in a big one in Europe like Real Madrid? In advance, I think it is a contract that everyone would sign. What nobody believed, is what only he dreamed of. Not only did he equalize that mark, but he multiplied it by 12. 470 games, 22 titles, captain's tape, and the same representing the National Team of his country. His name is already a legend. Of those that are written in books. The kind that never die. Of those that parents tell their children, and grandchildren consult their grandparents.

What happened in between, we all know. Championships, glory, international tournaments, and even a World Cup with the Spanish National Team. Today the story is different. The same president who at some point opened the doors for him, today he opened the exit doors, and that boy, no longer so young, leaves what used to be his home, to continue walking in the world of football, but this time, with other colors on your skin.

It's the end of an era. Sergio Ramos will cease to be a Real Madrid footballer as of July 1 and will end one of the most successful cycles of a player at a club in recent times, so the magnifying glass is now on the reasons behind this This decision was confirmed today by a statement from the club and which will be expanded tomorrow at a press conference by the footballer himself and Florentino Pérez, president of the institution. In the framework of a renewal, the white cast loses one of its main banners in the dressing room and an idol for the fans, who won 22 titles with this shirt in 16 seasons, including four Champions League. In addition, he became one of the best central defenders of all time and a benchmark of the Spanish institution.


Cycle completed, or was there still life?

After 16 seasons and 22 Olympic rounds, the captain understands that his time at one of the most powerful clubs on the planet is over and that he has nothing left to win or do. That, added to the end of his contract, have inclined the central defender to analyze the exit as a variant, when seasons ago he had never thought about it, despite the fact that he had had offers to leave.

It is worth mentioning that Ramos has not only raised trophies, but has also been key in his defensive role in all of them and in many also in his offensive facet. In a cast where Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ángel Di María or Karim Benzema have shone, he was the author of important goals such as the one in the 2014 Champions League final when he converted 1 to 1 in the 93rd minute against Atlético that stretched the definition to the extension, stage in which the Whites scored another three goals and closed the final 4-1.



Lower salary

The most important portals in Spain have counted for months that Real Madrid offered to renew his contract, but with the condition of lowering his salary, as did, for example, Luka Modric. However, Ramos did not accept a 10% cut of his income and, as revealed weeks ago by Onda Cero's transistor, it is because he understands that this reduction is a plan of the leadership to be able to save enough to hire Kylian Mbappé.

That is, the 35-year-old defender is not against the arrival of the young French striker, but maintains that the signing cannot be closed at the cost of his salary, or that of his teammates. Above all, when David Alaba, brand new reinforcement, has agreed to a salary of 12 million euros per season, almost the same as he receives.


Zinedine Zidane's departure

After the end of the season, the Frenchman slammed the door and left without an exact direction (he has not yet been linked to another team). The coach's departure hit the squad, even several players were publicly surprised by this. According to the Spanish media, Ramos understands it as a mistake that President Florentino Pérez has not made sufficient efforts to retain the French coach and without him there is one less reason to stay.


Loss of his privacy

Just as Zinedine Zidane accused of low internal wear, Ramos would be a victim of it. According to El Confidencial, the 35-year-old footballer believes that much of the information the press accesses is because the board itself is the one who filters it. "In the Madrid dressing room, between Zidane's conversations with Ramos, they talked about how the club acts behind its back," the newspaper published in an article earlier this month. For this reason, the defender believes that Florentino Pérez has tried to wear him out to leave or to sign a new contract for less money than the current one, which he has not liked.


Where will he continue his career?

His destiny as a footballer, to this day is uncertain. There was talk of Manchester United, and the so attractive Premier League, but that idea loses more and more out with the passing of the hours. Will it be Major League Soccer? Quietly, it could be. The level of demand is increasing, and the contracts that are offered are really attractive, as a destination for big stars, who want to complete their steps as professionals. However, everything indicates that he will disembark in the French capital, to join Paris Saint Germain.


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