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When was child he looks for booties in the trash and Bayern want to pay 100 million for him to be Lewandowski's replacement

The departure of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich is imminent. That is why they are already preparing $ 100 million to incorporate a Napoli footballer, who had a very tough childhood.

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski

For several months now, at Bayern Munich there has been talk of a possible departure for Robert Lewandowski. Logically, at the club they do not want to know anything about losing the scorer, but at the same time they know that they already have to think about a replacement for the Pole because it will not be forever. And it seems that the chosen one is Victor Osimhen.

The Napoli striker exploited his performance in this Serie A season and his price rose to 55 million euros. So far this season, with Spaletti at the helm of Napoli, he has already scored nine goals in 10 games and is one of the most decisive strikers in European football.

And the peculiarity is that Osimhen was born in the deepest poverty of Lagos, in Nigeria. The 22-year-old lived a childhood and adolescence that touched the ordeal: "I lived in a really poor place and on our street, my family was one of the poorest. Sometimes the landlord came to talk to my father about the rent issue, and I would go around the corner to cry and pray to God to help us".

Victor Osimhen suffered the death of his mother when he was six years old and his father fired from his job as a policeman, so Victor and his brothers had to make a living as they could. Only ten years ago, Osimhen used to sell bottled water during traffic jams and raised money to feed his family, although the most relevant thing is that in his free time he looked for soccer cleats in garbage dumps: "I always thought that someone was going to throw old booties in the trash and was looking to find them".

Victor Osimhen

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