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What should James Rodríguez do to return to the Colombian National Team?

By Alexis Almosnino

What should James Rodríguez do to return to the Colombian National Team?

The absence of James Rodríguez was the main surprise in this Copa América, but from the Colombian National Team they have clear reasons why they separated their main star.

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Once the match for third place in the Copa América is over, the Colombian National Team's mentality will shift exclusively towards the big goal: the Qualifier towards the Qatar World Cup in 2022. Reinaldo Rueda already started off on the right foot in qualifying after beating Peru (0-3) and draw against Argentina (2-2). The great absentee these days, with much controversy, has been James Rodríguez.

The Everton player has been sidelined by the coach, who warned at first that he was doing it for the footballer's sake and would be waiting for him for future opportunities when he was fully recovered. However, there are several things that James will have. you have to deal with if you want to wear yellow again in this era of Reinaldo Rueda. Between now and September, when the national team competition resumes, there is time to complete four tasks.

It has already been fully demonstrated that Reinaldo Rueda cares little about the names and fame of each player. He will summon those who are at the best level and James Rodríguez will have to earn his place on the list, like everyone else. It is more than clear that, if James is in full condition, he can be a great contribution to the group objectives. There is no more evaluation than the day to day. If he can win the trust of his club's coach, he will have a showcase to win Rueda's retina. One step at a time.

The big headache for James, Everton, Ancelotti and Rueda last season was the constant injuries that the '10' relapsed and left the team lame at the last minute in several games. The soleus is still that muscle that does not Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Everton have been able to cure him. You will have to do your best to undergo the necessary medical treatments.

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