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Verratti's height: how tall is the italian's star?

By Juan Angel Aiesi

Verratti's height: how tall is the italian's star?

As Italy's soccer shakes up and fills with electricity, four names form a lowly combo to blame for the success of the style change.

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Everyone remembers the best years of the Spanish national team, between 2008 and 2012, almost a decade after the last success of that Spanish team, Italy seems to have picked up the baton of an already historic team and four of its pillars in the creative and attacking game base their game on intelligence, skill, while also fleeing from the more physical game.



Italy plays a different game to what its fans are used to and, for the moment, at least reminds us of Spain's trademark style, although perhaps with a more direct game. Like the best Spanish team of all time, height is not essential.




Italian Keys 

Lorenzo Insigne is the shortest at 1.63, Marco Verratti stands at 1.65, Nicolo Barella is 1.72 and Federico Chiesa is 1.75. Throughout the tournament, all of them have been indispensable in Italy's good performance. Verratti and Barella, along with Jorginho, are Italy's clock that sets the tempo of the game.

Verratti and Barella have an extra gear to break lines and speed up their team's play. When they get into the opposition half, they find their other two allies playing on the edge of the box. Up front, Insigne and Chiesa are two very skilful daggers, with a lot of technique, goal scoring and impressive decision-making speed. 

Between Verratti, Barella, Chiesa and Insigne, they have four of the team's ten goals. They have also provided three assists. But their greatest virtues come to the fore in the game minute by minute. And some of them make no secret of their influences and tastes.



Differences with Spain 2008/2012

There is a lack of similarities in the type of play. Italy is more direct, faster. Spain is more mature in possession of the ball. But, now, the new Italy scores and goes for more, they don't close in. And, like the Spain of 2008-2012, it is revolutionized thanks to its smaller players, who, with an incredible talent, have managed to take Italy to the edge of a great final.


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