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Thomas Tuchel revealed Romelu Lukaku's secrets at Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel says Romelu Lukaku has returned to Chelsea to "end his story here" after the forward sealed his record club signing from Internazionale.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Chelsea paid the Italian champions £ 97.5 million for Romelu Lukaku , who rejoins the club that left Everton in 2014. During his first spell at Stamford Bridge, he struggled to find opportunities, playing just 15 times and not scoring, but since then he has become one of the most outstanding center forwards in the world. According to Tuchel, Lukaku was desperate to complete what he started when he initially arrived from Anderlecht a decade ago.

"He was very hungry," Thomas Tuchel said. “He did everything he could to take this opportunity to make it happen. Of course he had a huge impact on Inter - he was a great player with a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, winning a great [Serie A] title for Inter last season. So it was actually very important to us that it was his wish to rejoin Chelsea and finish his story here the way he wanted it for himself.

“We have a very strong group, defined by a very strong bond and with a certain attitude of being willing to help each other. We believe that Romelu, who comes here and always has Chelsea in his heart, is the perfect addition because he embodies all of that".

“He is happy to take responsibility, he has matured, he has played abroad, he has been successful in several major clubs. It will take the weight off the shoulders of our younger forwards, the younger players around him, and I think this is a big part of the story, that he doesn't shy away and that he's also happy to make life easier for them. players around him", Tuchel concluded.

Romelu Lukaku: Where did he debut and what teams did he play for?

Lukaku is a 28-year-old footballer, who made his debut in his native Belgium, playing for Anderlecht. His good performances quickly led him to the Premier League, where he had a brief stint at Chelsea, another at West Bromwich, Everton and finally Manchester United. It was then that he decided to step aside towards Serie A, to play for Inter, a team from which he is from today on his return to Chelsea.

Romelu Lukaku: How does he did at Chelsea?

His first step at Chelsea was really very bad. He barely played 10 games, and failed to score even a goal. His return to the club says the opposite. He barely played 3 games and has already scored 4 goals.

Romelu Lukaku: Highlights

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