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This Mexican player went from taking care of cows to owning two Ferraris

He's one of Mexico's most renowned players of all times.

He played in LA Galaxy during the first two MLS seasons.
He played in LA Galaxy during the first two MLS seasons.

He is one of the most notorious footballers to ever play for Mexico National Team, known for his flamboyant outfits and his charisma that even now has earned him a place in every Mexican’s heart. But back in the day, way before he became a professional soccer player, he used to take care of cows.

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Jorge Campos was a shepherd growing up in his hometown Acapulco, where he took care of his grandfather’s cows. But when he turned 15 and against his father’s will, he decided to travel to Mexico City and try out with Pumas UNAM, team that watched him grow and became one of the most important players from his time.

That revelry was with him throughout his career, as he didn’t want to be benched and decided to play as a forward in the times he couldn’t play as a goalkeeper. His eccentricity also made him get in trouble with FIFA during the 1994 World Cup, as they didn’t see with good eyes his versatility.

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How did he earn his two Ferraris?

The best part for him is that he didn’t have to spend any money to acquire both cars. When “El Inmortal” joined LA Galaxy back in 1996, a clause on his contract stipulated that the Galaxy would provide him with a new car every season without establishing what kind of car, hence how he managed to acquire both of them.

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