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The unusual reason why Bayern Muhich lowered Joshua Kimmich's salary

Kimmich had stated that he did not want to be vaccinated since "long-term studies were lacking" on the different vaccines but this only brought him a flood of criticism from all fields in Germany, especially from science and health.

Joshua Kimmich
Joshua Kimmich

One of the stars of Bayern Munich, Joshua Kimmich, will be sanctioned by the German club after publicly refusing to be vaccinated against COVID, as he declared weeks ago. The Bavarian club will then cut his salary since Kimmich will have to be in quarantine due to the recent positive that he gave to his teammate Niklas Süle, which caused a domino effect also in the German national team.

The president of the German Ethics Committee, Alena Buyx, declared that the player had been carried away by misinformation: "Now it is about explaining to everyone that these long-term effects do not exist" and assured that now the important thing was " Explain to everyone that these long-term effects do not exist and prevent people from thinking like Josha Kimmich and having doubts themselves".

Criticism is not the only thing Kimmich will receive. From being an example for parting with your agent to renew against this. Bayern will lower his salary but it is not the club's fault, but a new regulation that came into effect on November 1. It details that an employer is not obliged to pay the payroll to any worker who has had to enter quarantine and is not vaccinated by his own decision.

It remains to be seen if Bayern Munich will apply these regulations, but there is something more, since Kimmich is not the only one not vaccinated by his own decision. His teammates Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musiala also want to wait a little longer to get the puncture and will not be able to be available due to the quarantine.

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