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The footballer valued at 90 million euros that Bayern Munich would set aside for a controversial reason

Bayern Munich made a decisive decision regarding one of the most important footballers on its squad, for the simple reason that he refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Bayern Munich 2021
Bayern Munich 2021

At 26 years old, Joshua Kimmich is one of the best footballers that Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga and the German National Team have. According to Transfermarkt, its price is 90 million euros, but the truth is that everything is overshadowed by its position on vaccination against COVID-19.

A month and a half ago, Kimmich spoke after a Bayern game and confessed: I just want to wait for myself when there are long-term studies. However, I am aware of my responsibility. Of course, I adhere to hygiene measures. It is also the case that unvaccinated players of the club are tested every two or three days. I am not saying categorically that I am not going to get vaccinated, but now I have concerns and I will not".

The truth is that that phrase fell like a bomb throughout the German country because it indirectly encouraged society not to get vaccinated and it attacked the vaccination campaign that the German government put together.

As if that were not enough, in recent weeks, COVID-19 cases in Germany have grown again and social measures have been taken: those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to enter hotels or restaurants. In this context, Bayern decided to delete Kimmich from the first team as he has not joined the team's training sessions.

Kimmich was already ruled out for the game against Augsburg and the pressure on the footballer grew by leaps and bounds due to his posture, media criticism and the club's need for him. The worst thing is that Kimmich would not change his position.

Josha Kimmich

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