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Santiago Giménez's girlfriend: who is the woman of the Cruz Azul's star and her best photos

Santiago Giménez does not hide that love has hit him hard, because he does not miss the opportunity to pamper his girlfriend Fer Serrano and show off the best moments with the actress.

Santiago Giménez
Santiago Giménez

Santiago Giménez is one of the favorite players of the Cruz Azul fans, because beyond being the heir to the celestial idol, Christian Giménez, he has managed to earn the respect of the followers of La Maquina by showing his talent as a scorer in the court, where little by little it has gained prominence.

He arrived at Cruz Azul at the age of eight and they couldn't get the Machine out of his heart anymore. Santiago Giménez entered one of the celestial schools just when his father, Christian Giménez, was becoming one of the figures of the first team. Nothing foreshadowed that that güerito and chubby guy would become the celestial future.

A life marked with the colors of the club, cataloged as one of the most important projection figures that Cruz Azul has today and one of the favorite players of the fans today, who finds one of his main contentions and motivations at home, with his new partner: María Fernanda Serrano Coto.

Who is Santiago Giménez´s wife?

María Fernanda Serrano Coto is a Mexican actress, who also has Spanish nationality, better known as Fer Serrano. She was born on November 18, 1997 in Mexico City and from a very young age she has dedicated herself to acting and participating in various advertising campaigns.

Who is Fer Serrano?

Fer Serrano is very popular on social media. On Instagram, it has more than 230 thousand followers, about 15 thousand followers on Facebook and more than 15 thousand on Twitter, in addition to having a YouTube channel with about 100,000 subscribers.

In the sports field, Fer Serrano has made public her taste for tennis, it is even a sport that she practices and in which one of the legends she most admires is Maria Sharapova.

Fer Serrano: Where does she know Santiago Giménez?

In an Instagram live that the couple made a few weeks ago, 'Chaquito' revealed how he met Fer Serrano: Primer they met in a club a couple of years ago, but the 'crush' did not transcend, until they met again. find thanks to the video game Call of Duty, of which both are very fans.

The scorer of La Machine accepted that they spent hours playing together, but at a distance, they even kept awake regardless of the time, they just wanted to be in contact, and the perfect pretext was the renowned war video game. It was until June 14 of this year when Santi finally decided to declare his love to the former Disney Channel actress and host, with a romantic dinner in the light of the moon on the terrace of the apartment where he lives, and to his fortune, Fer Serrano agreed to be his girlfriend.

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