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Lorenzo Insigne's wife: Who is the woman of the Napoli's star?

By Alexis Almosnino

Lorenzo Insigne's wife: Who is the woman of the Napoli's star?

Lorenzo Insigne is a great star of world football, but apparently, not only does he win battles on the courts, but also off them. Who is his wife, with whom he formed a family, the best goal he has made in his life.

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Lorenzo Insgine is a true legend of Napoli, because in addition to being the only player of the club born in the city of Naples, he also boasts a quality that makes Italy dream of another title on a continent or world level. The famous  number "24" of the Neapolitan team came to be rejected by clubs such as Torino or Inter de Milan due to his short stature (1.63 cm), but the Blues bet on him and today they must be reassured by the young man they sheltered and today he is turned into a leader.

In addition to his great football quality, the Italian player is also known for being a fan of ink, having a large number of tattoos on practically his entire body. In February 2017, the Neapolitan attacker confessed in an interview with El País that he has so many engraved drawings that he has already lost count. "I have lost count, no more, my wife has said one more and does not let me enter the door," he said sarcastically.

Well, now that we name her, who is his wife? Has the right to deprive the Italian of one of his addictions? Lorenzo Insigne met Genoveffa Darone in Naples, and he instantly knew that she was going to be someone special to him. At that time, Lorenzo was playing for Pescara. They started dating immediately and became very close. Unfortunately, there is not much known about Genoveffa Darone´s personal life, as she decided to keep it a secret.

Genoveffa Darone´s personal life

Genoveffa Darone childhood was delightful. She was the last child of the family. She had a lot of fun growing up as the last child of the family. Everybody loved her and wanted her to get what she wanted, so most of the time, she got whatever she asked for, which is an interesting fact about her.

Genoveffa Darone is stunningly beautiful. She has a memorable face and big dark brown eyes  She always looks so fabulous that it is easy to consider her a model by accident. 

Genoveffa Darone net worth and salary

Genoveffa has decided to devote her time to her family. As she does not have an occupation, we can't suggest a number as Genoveffa Darone net worth. Her husband, Lorenzo Insigne, has a net worth of €35 million. Lorenzo Insigne's market value is €65 million, which is an impressive number. Genoveffa and her family are currently based in Naples, Italy, and they have a beautiful house there.

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