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Lorenzo Insigne's tattoo with the face of Maradona: the impressive photos

By Alexis Almosnino

Lorenzo Insigne's tattoo with the face of Maradona: the impressive photos

The Italian soccer player is passionate about tattoo culture and shows off his body full of different designs, some of them very elaborate.

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Lorenzo Insigne is one of the Italian footballers most loved by the country's fans. Napoli's "24" is a legend in that city where he not only stands out for his qualities as a player but also for his great love of tattoos. Such is his passion for the culture of ink that in February 2017 he assured in statements for El País that he had lost count of how many tattoos he has distributed throughout his body.

The Italian national team player has more than ten tattoos on his body. Some in honor of his family and others, great idols of his childhood and adolescence, such as the one he wears in tribute to Diego Armando Maradona. "My wife has told me that one more and does not let me enter through the door," he says with a laugh.

How many tatoos does Lorenzo insigne have?

The Italian footballer has so many tattoos that he lost count himself. What is known is that at the request of his wife, they will not continue to multiply with the same speed.

What are Lorenzo Insigne´s tattoos?

- On his left leg he has a huge tattoo of Diego Maradona and underneath a sun that represents Argentina, this in tribute to Pelusa for being his greatest idol.

- Lower has thick fretwork. On the back it has four lions that represent a feline family. Mother lioness (his wife, Jenny), the lion king (Lorenzo) and their two cubs (their children Carmine and Christian).

- In the middle of his left leg, just on the outside, he has a Mickey Mouse.

- On the back of his neck he has a family made up of mom, dad and son.

- All over the left arm Insigne has flowers, frets and other designs.

- On his right forearm he has phrases, a Roman 2 and two numbers 24, one on his wrist and the other on one of his fingers.

- The figure is for the number he has worn at Napoli since he debuted. On the same right forearm he has a skull with a helmet and some initials.

- The name of Christian, the name of his second son, is tattooed on his torso. In calves and thighs he has a 24 and one eye.

- On the left side of his chest he has the name of Carmine, the name of his first son.

- On his right arm he has a long-haired woman wearing a hat.

Lorenzo Insigne: His tribute to Diego Maradona

Lorenzo Insigne will carry his main idol forever in his skin. Thus, on the thigh of his left leg, he has his face tattooed, always immortalizing him in Napoli, the team where he currently plays.

Lorenzo Insigne: His carreer as a professional

Lorenzo Insigne's career as a professional details one of the main love stories of modern football. Starting from the basis that the Italian was born in Naples, it must be one of the few cases in which a footballer manages to defend the colors of his city, and ends up becoming an idol. It should be noted that he has played for Napoli uninterruptedly since 2012, and was able to defend the blue jersey 397 times, in which he scored 109 goals.


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