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How does Erling Haaland's fortune compare to Kylian Mbappé after missing out on the World Cup?

See how much Erling Haaland is worth compared to Kylian Mbappe after missing out on the FIFA World Cup next year.

Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland
Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland will not be in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar next year as his country, Norway failed to gather enough points to qualify for the play-off after a 2-0 defeat to Netherland. This will have a huge impact on Erling Haaland as most of his counterparts will be available next year in Qatar. 

Let's look at his fortune compared to Kylian Mbappe. His net worth can not actually be verified but the Norwegian is said to be worth around $12 million. This is estimated based on his annual salary and other income from endorsement and promotions. 

He earns £144,000 and that is below market value compared to what his mate earns in England. A huge increase in pay is waiting for him should he leave Dortmund. Kylian Mbappe is poised to be the next big thing in the World of Football after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

His fortune is crazily huge compared to players in his age bracket. The World Cup winner is said to be worth around $95 million as of the start of this season. His income comes mainly from salary and endorsement deals. Forbes estimated that Mbappe earned a total of $42 million over the course of 2020, of which $28m was salary and bonuses from his contract with the French champions. The remainder was made up in endorsements and other income.

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