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Cristiano Ronaldo: all about his retirement date

It was thought that the star would retire after his final season with Juventus, but there is a date that has always been on the striker's mind. 

Cristiano Ronaldo: all about his retirement date

Cristiano Ronaldo has already said everything about his retirement date and has been consistent with a particular deadline. 

In the meantime, Mr. Champions is fully focused on improving Manchester United's performance and, above all, on being able to go to the World Cup with his national team. 

However, the Red Devils striker has been consistent with a date for his retirement. 

When would Cristiano Ronaldo retire from professional soccer? 

The star has always been clear and has constantly said that his last World Cup will be Qatar 2022, however, it is most likely that he will retire in 2023, which is when his contract with Manchester United ends.  

Cristiano would retire to manage the Red Devils, according to Tim Sherwood

Although the Portuguese has not said publicly that he would become a coach upon his retirement, one soccer player has already commented on his theory that when CR7 retires, he will coach Manchester United

This version was told by Tim Sherwood, a renowned former soccer player, who gave an interview to Ladbrokes, for which he gave his version of the future of Mr. Champions. 

"I would bet that Cristiano will be the manager of Manchester United in 18 months. Whenever he finishes playing, I think he will become a coach, it will be an automatic choice," said the player. 

In this way, it points to the end of the soccer player's career after the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

If Cristiano wants to retire after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he has one problem ahead of him

The problem is the possibility that Portugal will not make it to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This is because the Portuguese national team has failed to qualify for the tournament. 

What is worse, it will have to play for re-qualification in order to attend the World Cup. And the problem with this is that it is in the same elimination bracket as Italy

If Portugal beats Turkey and Italy does the same with North Macedonia, both teams will have to fight for a place in the world's most important national team tournament. 

Therefore, if his team fails to qualify, CR7 could miss out on the World Cup, and he would only have to wait for his contract with Manchester United to expire before saying goodbye to soccer. 

Qatar 2022, Cristiano's last World Cup

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo will be 37 years old, so according to him, it is the age to leave the place to another player from Portugal.

Qatar 2022 is going to be special because it will surely also be the last of Lionel Messi and it will be the last chance for the two best players in the world to get the only cup that they both lack.

Recently Cristiano Ronaldo reached 100 goals with the Portugal shirt. Ronaldo has won everything at the club level but he only has one goal ahead of him and that is to win the world cup.

In his words Ronaldo only said that "Qatar 2022 is going to be his last World Cup." It’s a shame for the whole world of soccer.

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