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Alexandre Pato: see one of the reasons he had problems at AC Milan in 2011

Alexander Pato did not enjoy most part of his stay in AC Milan due to problems emanating from the dressing room.

Alexandre Pato
Alexandre Pato

Pato was predicted to be a generational talent and touted to go far in his football career but the reverse is the case. One of the problems that stalled his development at AC Milan was his affair with the daughter of the then Chairman of AC Milan.

After winning the scudetto with AC Milan in 2011, Pato entered into a relationship with the club chairman's daughter Barbara Berlusconi. The Club chairman Silvio Berlusconi was at that time said to have a close relationship with Pato. 

Barbara was five years older than Pato but love is not about numbers. The love affair started not long after Pato had his first major injury that started his spell and spent most of his time on the sideline. He was seen talking and chatting with Barbara, even at a time when he was caught kissing her belly at the stand.

This relationship with such an influential figure in the Club caused problems in the AC Milan dressing room. Players have to watch their tongues whenever Pato is around and this creates a distance between him and his teammates. Some even believe his form was due to his relationship with the club chairman's daughter. This started a huge problem for someone that's trying to keep fit and get his career running. 

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