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What is the relationship between the brothers Thiago and Rafael Alcántara?

The two began their careers together at La Masia, but decided to take different path

Thiago currently plays for Liverpool and Rafinha for Real Sociedad.
Thiago currently plays for Liverpool and Rafinha for Real Sociedad.

The brothers Thiago and Rafinha come from a successful family in the world of sports, their parents are Mazinho, a former world champion footballer with the Brazilian national team, and Valéria Alcántara, a former volleyball player. From an early age, they instilled in them the fighting spirit that they should apply to their personal lives as well as to sports. 

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Both brothers began their respective professional careers as soccer players with Barça, but at some point in their lives and due to different interests, the Alcántara brothers separated their paths and chose different teams.

Only they know how easy and difficult it can be to see a sibling as a rival, leaving feelings aside once you are on the pitch. But will soccer have managed to separate them, will they still be as close as when they played together as children? That's how Thiago and Rafael Alcántara are and how they get along, two brothers who started playing together but later became rivals on the soccer field.

The Alcántara brothers' relationship

They started out together in soccer and have ended up apart in different teams. However, the two brothers have remained as close as they were when they played soccer in their backyard as kids. Nothing has managed to separate them, even the injuries they have suffered throughout their respective careers have made them understand each other better and have ensured that they support each other at all times.

A magnificent relationship that they have not ceased to share through their social networks. And every time they get together, almost always when their teams give them a vacation, they show on their social networks how well they get along. "Brother is synonymous with love, and it is the most loyal relationship that one can possess in life," Rafinha assured in one of his Instagram publications in which he appears next to his brother Thiago.

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