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As Lionel Messi sweeps Ligue 1 with PSG, his son is ashamed of the Paris club

In curious contrast, the Argentine star and his son disagree about Paris Saint-Germain.

Lionel Messi's son made a gesture that was recorded on video and has gone viral over the hours.
Lionel Messi's son made a gesture that was recorded on video and has gone viral over the hours.

In a curious fact that has caught the attention of the international press, while Lionel Messi sweeps Ligue 1 with PSG, his son is ashamed of the Parisian club.

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But undoubtedly what has made Messi's son's reaction become news is that what he did with the Paris Saint-Germain crest was captured on video.

Lionel Messi sweeps Ligue 1 with PSG

If there is one thing that is news today, it is that Lionel Messi and PSG destroyed Montpellier 4-0 in a match in which the Argentine star scored 2 goals for his team's victory. 

Since Messi arrived at PSG, the club has become invincible in Ligue 1, a tournament that, with two days left to play, has already been won by Paris Saint-Germain, which with its 80 points is looking down on the other clubs in the competition. 

In this way, the Parisian club took a 12-point lead over Jorge Sampaoli's Olympique Marseille, its closest rival, and despite three draws in a row, the club is still in the lead in the local competition.

In this way, the team has overcome the elimination they suffered against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, with head coach Mauricio Pochettino's job still at risk.

Therefore PSG has been unbeatable at least in the French First Division, and in this way, Messi has achieved a new triumph with his club, with which he has been comfortable since his arrival, a fact that he has expressed on different occasions. 

In fact, since his arrival, the Argentine was eager to play for the Parisian club and among the many reasons he gave for choosing PSG's offer over others was the fact that he was going to feel comfortable at the club.

"I can't wait to start a new chapter of my career in Paris. The club and its vision are in perfect harmony with my ambitions. I know how talented the players and staff are here," were his words upon his arrival at the club. 

And with his actions, the player has shown if not a love like the one he felt for FC Barcelona, he has shown a total commitment to PSG, which makes his son's action even more striking.

Why are the media claiming that Messi's son is ashamed of PSG?

The claim by the international press came about because of a moment captured on video, in which the Argentine player's family arrives in Barcelona for a visit, and one of Messi's sons hides the PSG logo on his shirt with his hand

While the gesture went down very well with the Culé fans, Paris Saint-Germain fans should be asked what they think of the fact that the son of their star player hides the team's logo, as if he were ashamed of it.

Will there be disagreement within Messi's family about PSG?

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