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New Premier League rules could force foreign coaches sacking

The Argentinian coach could be in serious risk of being forced to leave because of the new rules adopted by the leave.

Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Marcelo Bielsa
Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Marcelo Bielsa

The English soccer association, simply known as Football Association or FA has adopted new rules that entered to be active since January 1. They can harm lots of players who come from different countries, and their possibilities of entering the league, but also they can put active coaches in severe danger of being forced to leave their positions. Particularly the foreign ones.

One of them is Argentinian Marcelo Bielsa, who arrived to Leeds United in 2018. After the first season in the second division Championship, he successfully managed to win the league and earn the promotion back to the Premier after more than 15 years. Despite the team is enjoying a solid consolidation season, far away from the relegation zone, the 65-year-old coach could be forced to leave.

Leeds United are enjoying a solid season in the Premier League after 15 years.

The new rules states that a foreign coach who wants to work in the league must obtain a special certificate named Governing Body Endorsement. The requirements are to have been coaching for two consecutive years or three out of the last five in the top division or have been coaching one of the top 50 national teams in the world (as per FIFA ranks) during the last five years.

The Argentinians career has been quite successful, but his background could be yet not enough to earn the GBE. Before arriving to England, he had been coaching Olympique Marseille, Lazio and Lille but he was out of activity from December 2017 until the beginning of 2018-19 season will let United appointed him for the championship. This new certificate only lasts for three years but still the club can apply for an extension like if it was a contract.

Some others are quite safer

Of course, Bielsa is not the only foreign coach in the Premier League. Names like Spain's Pep Guardiola or Germany's Jürgen Klopp are also appointed. They are a bit safer given they have been for longer time coaching in the league. Same could happen with Portugal's Nuno Espirito Santo from Wolverhampton Wanderers.

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