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Liga MX: the most updated info about highs, lows and rumors of the Mexican soccer

The economically strong teams such as Club America, Chivas de Guadalajara, Club Tigres, Rayados de Monterrey and Cruz Azul are the ones that monopolize the market of players. 

Liga MX
Liga MX

The Clausura 2021 is right on the corner, Club Leon is the actual champion but let go one of his pilars in the middlefield, Club America finally got his new coach and still looking for a bomb player same as Cruz Azul. The most popular team in Mexico, Chivas de Guadalajara is still looking for more reinforcements, but is complicated as the Mexican players are very expensive. The big teams of the north, Rayados de Monterrey and Club Tigres, as always they are arming themselves with amazing players. It seems that this new tournament, will be more even than the last one.

All the rumors about possible transfers of the different teams in the Liga MX continue sounding, as always, the economically strong teams such as Club America, Chivas de Guadalajara, Club Tigres, Rayados de Monterrey and Cruz Azul are the ones that monopolize the market of players, in fact some transfers have already been done long before the transfer market starts.

For the Clausura 2021 tournament, it will still be possible for any team to have up to 11 players not trained in Mexico and with a maximum of 9 players on the field, for the following football year that begins in August 2021, the rule will change to 10 players not trained in Mexico for only 8 players on the pitch.

Rumors, INS and OUTS of the Liga MX ahead of the Clausura 2021 tournament

Club America

INS: Mauro Lainez, Brayan Colula, Alan Medina, Pedro Aquino, Santiago Solari DT

OUTS: Paul Aguilar, Luis Reyes, Santiago Caceres, Miguel Herrera

Rumors: Luis Quiñones

Chivas de Guadalajara

INS: Alejandro Mayorga, Cesar Huerta

OUTS: Jose Juan Vazquez, Dieter Villalapando, Alexis Peña, Eduardo Lopez

Rumors: Roberto Alvarado, Alan Mozo

Cruz Azul

INS: Pol Fernandez, Juan Reynoso DT

OUTS: Robert Dante Siboldi, Jonathan Borja, Byan Angulo, Daniel Lopez

Rumors: Dario Lezcano, Unai Bilbao

Pumas UNAM


OUTS: Andres Iniestra, Alejandro Mayorga, Carlos Gonzalez, Luis Quintana, Jose Galindo, Brian Figueroa

Rumors: Felipe Mora, Martin Rodriguez, Omar Islas, Pablo Jaquez, Luis Quiñones

Club Tigres

INS: Aldo Cruz, Carlos Gonzalez, Juan Pablo Chavez (GK) 

OUTS: Eduardo Vargas, Eduardo Tercero, Ulises Cardona, Jorge Torres Nilo

Rumors: Jesé Rodriguez, Eduardo "Chofis" Lopez, Andres Ibarguen, Guido Pizarro (goes to Europe)

Rayados de Monterrey

INS: Javier Aguirre, Adrian Mora

OUTS: Shayr Mohamed, Juan Portales, Antonio Mohamed DT

Rumors: Hector Moreno, Jesé Rodriguez, 

Club Leon

INS: Ruben Gonzalez, Victor Davila 

OUTS: Johan Alonzo, Ignacio Gonzalez, Pedro Aquino

Rumors: Eduardo "Chofis" Lopez,

Xolos de Tijuana

INS: Gonzalo Jara, Estevan Pavez, Mauro Manotas, Brayan Angulo, Miguel Sansores, Fidel Martinez, Julian Velazquez

OUTS: Jorge Aguilar, Mauro Lainez, Brayan Colula, Miguel Barnieri, Clifford Aboagyé, Aldo Cruz, Kevin Balanta, Bryan Angulo, Luis Leal

Rumors: Eduardo "Chofis" Lopez 

Atlas de Guadalajara

INS: Gaddi Aguirre, Aldo Rocha, Julio Furch, Pablo Gonzalez, Brayan Garnica, Luis Reyes

OUTS: Edgar Hernandez, German Conti, Jesus Isijara, Lorenzo Reyes, Ignacio Jeraldino


Club Toluca

INS: Claudio Baeza, Rodrigo Salinas, Miguel Barbieri, Jose Juan Vazquez, Jorge Torres Nilo

OUTS: Javier Guemez, Adrian Mora, Diego Abella, Jonatan Maidana, Carlos Cisneros, Alan Medina Giovanny Leon

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