Ronaldo Nazario's request that could shock world's soccer

The Brazilian 1990s and 2000s star has proposed a critical change in clubs competitions that could twist things up.

Ronaldo Nazario
Ronaldo Nazario

How many goals has Ronaldo Nazario scored in his career? Hundreds. Is he an authorized voice to claim for changes in soccer? Then, of course he is. The 44-year-old Brazilian star has been one of the sport’s glories in the 1990s and 2000s. He has now raised his voice in favur of new changes in soccer competitions.

It’s perfectly known Ronaldo has won titles of every kind in every team he’s played at. Also, he has appeared in two editions of Copa Libertadores, at the early beginning and in his last career’s year. He played eight games and scored two goals in 1994, right before joining the national team and win the World Cup in United States, despite he didn’t play a single minute. Then he’s been at two more games in 2011 before retiring.

Ronaldo playing in his best days in Real Madrid.

The Copa Libertadores is the South America’s top club competition, it’s the continent’s equal to the UEFA Champions League. The tournament has suffered some substantial changes, for example, has welcomed Liga MX clubs from 1998 to 2016. Cruz Azul (2001), Chivas Guadalajara (2010) and Tigres (2015) ended as vice-champions.

Now, Ronaldo has raised his voice to claim for them to be back. In a videoconference, ahead of tomorrow’s Libertadores Final between Brazil’s Santos and Palmeiras, he said it would benefit the tournament to become more ‘continental’. He hopes both USA and Mexico can be represented in the future.

Angel Morales (blue) and Juan Román Riquelme (yellow/blue). Cruz Azul vs Boca Juniors, 2001 Libertadores Cup Final.

 Europa League’s equal in South America, the Copa Sudamericana, has extended invitations to clubs from Costa Rica, USA, Mexico and Honduras from 2002 to 2009. Liga MX’s Pachuca won the title in 2006.

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