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David Beckham
David Beckham

If you knew absolutely nothing about football and you came across David Beckham on the street, you could immediately mistake him for a Hollywood actor. And following this same line, in the last hours it was confirmed that the Inter Miami shareholder will be the star of a new Disney + documentary series, which will be called "Save our Squad", in which the former player will return to his origins on the playing fields of London.

As part of its European expansions, Disney + is working with the world soccer icon and former Manchester United star, co-produced by Beckham's own Twenty Twenty and Studio 99, who will return to the places where he played as a child and where he will mentor a young team struggling to survive in the league, reported the specialized site Hollywood Reporter.

In the series, Beckham and his team will take these players, their coach and his community on what the producers describe as a "transformative journey". "It's fantastic to shed light on the grassroots football that I experienced growing up and that gave me so much at the beginning of my life in the game", Beckham said of the project.

What will the documentary series be about?

On those same playing fields where he was born, Beckham will mentor a young grassroots soccer team struggling to survive in the league. Beckham and his team will take these players, their coach and his community to live "a transformative adventure that will change their lives forever," according to a statement released Tuesday.

How will the documentary series in which David Beckham will participate?

The series will consist of six 35-minute episodes and is a UK production within the company's commitment to sourcing, developing and producing original titles locally, with the ambition to create 50 productions in Europe by 2024. With more than One hundred titles announced at the 'Investor Day' event, Disney + plans to release approximately ten Star Wars series and ten Marvel series, as well as fifteen live-action Disney, Disney Animation and Pixar series in the coming years.

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