The negative record that 4 Premier League stars conquered today

By Alexis Almosnino

The negative record that 4 Premier League stars conquered today

Raheem Sterling, Kyle Walker, John Stones and Phil Foden are the four footballers who lost the Euro Cup and Champions League finals in the same year. For oblivion.

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It's time to erase that bad taste in the next season. Raheem Sterling, Kyle Walker, John Stones and Phil Foden have suffered two tough defeats in just over a month. The four players fell in the Champions League final with the Manchester City jersey and this Sunday they lost the opportunity to win the European Championship with the England team.

On May 29, at the Estadio do Dragao in Porto in Portugal, the aforementioned footballers faced the commitment to obtain the first ‘Orejona’ in the history of the ‘Citizens’. However, those led by Pep Guardiola could not against Chelsea and the lone goal scored by the German Kai Havertz.

After that bitter drink, Sterling, Walker, Stones and Foden joined the concentration of the "Three Lions" with the illusion of being crowned in the continental championship of national teams. However, Manchester City's men again suffered a terrible setback and playing as hosts.

Sterling, Walker and Stones started against Italy in the final, while Foden missed the finish due to injury. Despite making their best attempt in the 120 minutes and penalties, the visiting team was left with the trophy of the European Championship, the first since they raised in 1968.

In this way, Sterling, Walker, Stones and Foden have entered the list of players who lost the chance to win the Champions League and the European in the same year. The first was Michael Ballack in 2008 and in the last edition disputed in 2016 Antoine Griezmann also appeared.

The retired German midfielder bit the dust of defeat with Chelsea's jacket in the definition for the ‘Orejona’ against Manchester United and weeks later fell against Spain in the European Championship. For his part, the French striker, when he wore the silks of Atlético de Madrid, could not conquer the Champions League after falling to Real Madrid in 2016 and a day later he did not win the final of the Eurocup against Cristiano's Portugal team. Ronaldo.


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