MLS: The League of America that contributes the most players to the Playoffs

The American league rubs shoulders in its contribution to the national teams with the five main leagues in Europe.


The Qualifying process towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup continues with its development on the football planet, and in the middle of this process there is a fact that puts Major League Soccer at the forefront in America and on a par with the main leagues of Europe.

It is not a secret for anyone that the American competition has sustained exponential growth in recent years, and the proof of this is the number of footballers who play in the tournament and who played for their national teams on the last FIFA date in September.

According to data presented by FIFA, in the last Qualifying window to Qatar 2022, MLS became the league in America that contributed the most players to this process, with a total of 136 players, breaking its record for the number of players called up in 26 years of history.

In this way, the American league is only below the so-called Top 5 of the main world competitions, where the least contributor is France's Ligue 1, with 179 players, followed by the Spanish League, with 191. The German Bundesliga, also with 191; ahead appears the Serie A of Italy with 282; and who leads is the English Premier League, with 295.

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