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Gold Cup: everything you need to know about it

Learn all about the Gold Cup and find out which teams have participated and won this important and exciting tournament. 

Gold Cup: everything you need to know about it

The Gold Cup is the most important international soccer tournament of national football teams in Central America and the Caribbean. This has been organized by Concacaf every two years since 1963.

The Gold Cup, including the Concacaf Cup, has been held on 25 occasions. In this tournament 7 different countries have lifted the cup, with Mexico being the most successful with 11 victories, the United States follows with 7 trophies, Costa Rica with 3 championships, Canada has won it twice and Guatemala, Haiti and Honduras have been proclaimed champions only once, and here you can find the latests news about international competitions.

Until the 1993 Gold Cup, only eight countries participated, but since the 2019 edition sixteen countries have participated. These countries are chosen through a system of qualifiers.

Gold Cup. 

The tournament then included guest countries from different confederations, such as Conmebol, CAF and AFC; however, the confederation decided that since 2007 the tournament would be exclusive to countries belonging to the original confederation. 

The qualification system for the Concacaf Gold Cup consists of several stages. In this, the six teams participating in the last hexagonal final of the qualification for the previous Football World Cup qualify directly. Then the ten best placed teams in the Concacaf Nations League Qualification complement the sixteen slots.

As for the participations since 1963, Mexico has twenty-two presences of the twenty-four events organized and, if you are interested in knowing more about them, here you can find news about the Liga MX.

As for the participation in the Gold Cup, the United States and Mexico are the only teams that have been present in all the events, followed by Costa Rica and Honduras with fourteen participations. 

Who won the last Gold Cup?

The most recent edition of the Gold Cup had as protagonists in its final match the United States and Mexico. 

United States as Gold Cup champion.

In this competition the Americans beat the Mexicans 1-0, thus being champions of this tournament for the seventh time.

How often is the Gold Cup?

This tournament is held every two years, where each of the teams shows all of their abilities to try to win the precious cup. This achievement shows who is the best player in this league that brings together the best teams and players from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

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