CONCACAF's project to expand the CONCACAF Champions League to 50 teams

Starting in 2023, the Concachampions would have annual editions with 10 groups of 5 teams, with group stage and direct elimination. How would it be?

CONCACAF Champions League
CONCACAF Champions League

The Concacaf Champions League would no longer consist of 16 teams as of the 2023-24 season. The Confederation announced that by then the new competition format of up to 50 teams would come into force to improve the level from 10 groups, seeking to qualify for the Club World Cup with a single match Final.

This format would be played in the fall of each year with a group stage and subsequently a direct elimination of 16 clubs as it remains until now, taking into account that they are only held from the Eighths to the Final. The tournament will be developed from a total of 20 teams from Canada, the United States and Mexico through their performance in national leagues and cups, including a spot through the Leagues Cup. 

Those 20 will be divided into four groups of five clubs so that each one plays four games, with two home and two away. The first and second four will qualify for the knockout phase, which will be joined by three other North Americans through a Repechage.

For Central America there will be another 20 teams between Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama under the classification criteria of the leagues and a new Central American Cup. The four winners and the four seconds will enter a Repechage to access the Eighth Finals.

Finally, there will be 10 teams from the Caribbean. Of those, eight will qualify through the leagues of each country and two from a new Cup in the Caribbean. Those will be divided into two groups of five and at the end of the first round the first two places will advance to the Repechage.

CONCACAF Champions League: When would this new format go into effect?

This new format of the Concacaf Champions League, would begin to rule from the 2023 edition.

CONCACAF Champions League: How many teams would play with this new format and how would they be distributed?

This new format of the competition would go from the 16 teams that it currently presents, to 50. These will divide their places as follows:

- 20 teams will leave Mexico, Canada and the United States.

- 20 teams will leave the Central American territory.

- 10 teams will leave the Caribbean countries.

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