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A model revealed that a Premier League player has an extramarital child with her

Jaqueline gave details of the relationship she had with the footballer, who has not taken charge of the 9-month-old baby  

A model revealed that a Premier League player has an extramarital child with her

A real scandal occurred this weekend when Jaqueline, whose last name was not published for legal reasons, broke the silence in an interview published by the site The Sun in which she gave details of how a Premier League player cheated on his wife with her and had a daughter behind the back of her family. The 33-year-old woman revealed the ordeal that she has experienced since she became pregnant and how the footballer tried to disappear from his life after hearing the news.

According to her, she told in dialogue with the British site, the young woman and the player, whose identity was not revealed either, began a love relationship in 2018 behind her girlfriend's back, although Jaqueline was unaware of her existence at first. Then things got complicated when he got married: “He was texting me all the time, even during his wedding ceremony and party. I broke up with him the night he got married because he was too much for me. I spent all my energy on it. He was mentally and physically exhausted. I told him that in a text message".

And he immediately expressed: "His brother even sent me a text message to tell me that he (the footballer) was very anxious during the wedding because he was thinking of me. Then, on the plane to his honeymoon, he kept sending me messages. He bought additional data for his phone. He said he wanted to make sure that when he returned I would still be there for him, for us. He swore his undying love to me, wrote to me that he would love me for the rest of his life. He told me I would have my own apartment and that I would never leave it”.

The footballer got married in 2019, but he continued to see Jaqueline: “He was very jealous, like a real boyfriend. I couldn't even go out to dinner without him. He kept sneaking out to make love to me". Until at the end of that year the model she became pregnant.

According to the young woman, the player reacted badly and then wanted to end the relationship, but did not want to assume his responsibility as a father: “I was surprised, especially because I didn't think he would take it so badly, since he was the one He talked about us having children together. We tried to agree that he would not be physically present in the baby's life, but that he was going to contribute financially to help me raise him".

The player's wife found out about the situation

Three months later, the footballer's wife found out about the pregnancy and then he moved further away: "From then on he acted as if I had never existed and we did not know each other".

Finally, when he was six months pregnant, Jaqueline received a call from his ex-partner who offered him maintenance: “The deal we agreed on was that he would give me a fixed amount, but he would never say who the father was. Even these negotiations were a joke. He was offering me a small amount. He said he had investments to make and that was all he could save. I told him: 'Wait, a child is also an investment and when he is young he costs money".

The model was advised by a lawyer and since then she has initiated a legal paternity suit and the club was even informed of the situation of the member of her campus. The girl is already 9 months old and she hasn't yet met her father: “He has never asked how the baby is, asked for a photo or how I am. She simply she has disappeared”.

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