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The worst payment in the history of the club: How much will Xavi Hernández charge in Barcelona?

The situation in Barcelona has not been easy at all. In fact, financially it is going through one of its worst moments. That is why Xavi Hernández will charge much less than he should in normal situations.

Xavi Hernández
Xavi Hernández

There are only a few minutes left until his stage as coach of the Barcelona Football Club officially begins. Xavi Hernández is already at the Camp Nou to start a path that will not be easy in Barcelona but for which Terrassa feels more than ready. After a few crazy days in Qatar, he was able to close his arrival at the team of his loves, where he will earn a significant amount.

Xavi Hernández comes to Barcelona for love and not money. The former captain knows that the club is facing a tough economic crisis where there will be no great prizes or commissions for the successes that the entity reaps in the coming years. The situation of the coffers is so serious that the DT himself had to put half of his termination clause in Al-Sadd, but the thing goes much further.

Barcelona has left 30 million in the layoffs of its last coaches. Valverde, Setién and Koeman left through the back door with several kilos that today are missed more than ever in the Camp Nou offices. Knowing that the salary limit will not allow him to invest heavily in a new DT, Laporta offered Xavi a contract that reflects the current situation of the Culé team.

Specifically, Barcelona will not be able to pay Xavi more than 2.9 million euros per season. A figure that will make the former captain the lowest paid coach in the modern history of the Culé team. The economic situation of the club is so chaotic that it will not be able to offer a raise until summer 2023. The one from Terrassa comes for love and his actions confirm it more than ever.

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