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A new chapter in their fight: What happened between Simeone and Klopp after the match?

Liverpool beat Atletico Madrid 3-2 at the Wanda Metropolitana. However, the news of the day, happened minutes after the game ended, when Diego Simeone, denied the greeting to Jürgen Klopp.

Diego Simeone and Jurgen Klopp
Diego Simeone and Jurgen Klopp

Atlético de Madrid lost home 3-2 against Liverpool in a great Champions League game full of goals, emotions and several strange situations, like this one: The match ended and Cholo Simeone did not want to greet Jürgen Kloop. Amazing, but real.

Yes, the Argentine coach finished hot for the game, where he lost 2-0, rallied 2-2 and expelled Griezmann. This. As soon as the referee whistled the end Simeone, without looking at anyone, ran away and left Klopp away, who made an "OK" in an ironic gesture but showed his displeasure at the attitude of the Argentine DT and is seen saying a "Not like that, not like that". Can they punish Simeone for this?

It is true, they come from a very turbulent week, in which both coaches were in charge of criticizing each other's game, but without disrespecting each other. However, this attitude definitely leaves Diego Simeone in a bad way, that no matter how angry he may be, it is not well seen that he reacts in this way.

In fact, the same German coach, Jürgen Klopp, who directs Liverpool and today won the victory from Wanda Metropolitano, was astonished with the attitude that Simeone showed, since despite certain differences when it comes to thinking, they always had a very good relationship .

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