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Qatar 2022 World Cup Draw: Prediction of the USMNT's possible opponents in Qatar 2022

The Stars and Stripes arrive as the second-best team in the confederation.

The draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will take place on April 1 at 13:00 (Argentine time) in Doha.
The draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will take place on April 1 at 13:00 (Argentine time) in Doha.

Although several teams are still battling to reach the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the last week of March, FIFA announced on Tuesday how the draw for the World Cup to be played between November and December of this year will be made.

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Qatar 2022 World Cup draw simulation: Possible U.S. opponents according to the draw

The draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will take place on April 1 at 13:00 (Argentine time) in Doha.

The draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup draw

Draw 1: 

Qatar (52nd in the FIFA ranking), Belgium (1st), Brazil (2nd), France (3rd), Argentina (4th), England (5th), Spain (7th), and Portugal (8th).

Draw 2: 

Denmark (9th), Netherlands (10th), Germany (11th), Switzerland (14th), Croatia (15th), and Uruguay (16th).

It is almost a given that they will be joined by Mexico (12th) and the United States (13th) this Wednesday.

Draw 3:

 Senegal (18th), Iran (21st), Japan (23rd), Morocco (24th), Serbia (25th), Poland (28th), South Korea (29th), and Canada (33rd).

Draw 4: 

Tunisia (36th), Cameroon (38th), Ecuador (44th), Saudi Arabia (53rd), and Ghana (61st). They will be joined by the winner of the European play-off between Wales vs. Scotland - Ukraine. Also, the winner of the two intercontinental playoffs between Conmebol (Peru)-Asia (Australia or the United Arab Emirates) and Concacaf (probably Costa Rica)-Oceania (New Zealand or the Solomon Islands).

Possible U.S. opponents in Qatar 2022 hype 1

The United States has a 62.5% chance of meeting a European team in the first round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a fairly high probability in a fortuitous game such as a draw.

The remaining 25% corresponds to the probability that the opponents will be South American: Argentina and Brazil. It only has a 12.5% probability of facing Qatar. 

Let's review in this odds report, the chances that the United States has against each of the seeded teams in the World Cup draw. 

United States vs Qatar 

If the opponent were Qatar, the Americans would have great odds to be victorious. They have to bet on a high-scoring, open game to beat the event hosts in this potential World Cup opener should the U.S. make the group.

United States vs Belgium  

Belgium and its offensive power represent a problem for the United States, having very low odds to beat the United States. 

A good strategy would be to focus on a 0 or 1 goal draw.  

United States vs Brazil 

The green and the yellow team would be too much for the United States. It has no chance of being able to win this match. It is another match where you have to bet on a draw.

United States vs France 

France is another almost impossible opponent for the United States. It has very low odds to win against the Europeans. 

United States vs Argentina

The Albiceleste team has everything to be the winner and defeat the United States in a possible crossover in the group stage. The Americans' chances are focused on trying to get a draw. 

United States vs England

The U.S. has very little chance with England in getting a win. If there is a hope of getting a 0-0 draw. 

United States vs Spain 

Spain is a superior country in soccer terms. History demands so with the US odds being reduced to a hopeful draw. 

 United States vs Portugal

Although Cristiano Ronaldo would pose a threat to the United States, Portugal is the weakest European according to the statistics with the Americans have a chance to get their first win with an odds of 23.87%. 

Which opponents do the odds predict for the U.S.? 

The best scenario for the United States: face Qatar or Portugal.

The worst scenario for the U.S.: is facing Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, England, and France.

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