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He’s called to be Haaland’s successor but hasn’t played in months

He was set to make his retunr on today's game, but his coach didn't call him.

A muscular injury has prevented him from playing since September.
A muscular injury has prevented him from playing since September.

Everyone is expecting Haaland’s decision to leave Borussia Dortmund and where he’s planning to continue his career, and inside the BVB’s facilities they already know its’s a matter of time before he leaves, that’s why they have their hopes set on a player that hasn’t played for over three months now.

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Giovanni Reyna was expected to be available for Borussia Dortmund during today’s 3-2 victory against Eintracht Frankfurt, but Marco Rose surprised everyone and didn’t call him, not even to the bench, which means the offensive midfielder is going to miss at least one more week.

Gio Reyna has played only 5 games during the current season, three of them in Bundesliga, where he scored two goals and was meant to be Haaland’s companion on the offensive side, but a muscular injury has prevented him from playing since September.

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Real Madrid is also interested in him

Real Madrid is one of the strongest bidders for acquiring ErlingHaaland in the near future, but reports indicate that Haaland is not the only BVB player they’re interested in, as Gio Reyna, with only 19 years, is under their radar as he’s set to have a bright future as he already has proven in past seasons and could acquire him for significatively less money.

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