With Héctor Herrera at the helm: The 5 Mexican footballers who will have to increase their performance

The selection of Mexico is leaving much to be desired, and the results indicate it. That is why the actions of its main figures, those responsible for straightening the ship, are already beginning to be questioned.

Mexico National Team
Mexico National Team

Last Thursday the Mexican team was exhibited on the field of play against its counterpart from Canada. The country of the Maple Leaf never got smaller and got to stand up in the Azteca Stadium and they almost got the victory. In this meeting the shortcomings of those led by the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino, who will be working at forced marches to correct the errors evidenced, were exposed.

There are also players who showed a low level of play and this affected the performance of the national team. Now they will have a new opportunity to show themselves and make it clear what they are made of.

- Héctor Herrera: The Atlético de Madrid midfielder went unnoticed in the game against Canada. He touched the ball little and did not finish weighing, so he was replaced for the complementary part. Next Sunday the 'HH' will have a new rematch with the national team. If the steering wheel performs well, things look different for the Tricolor.

- Andres Guarado: The captain of the Aztec team started the game against the Maple Leaf vigorously and with all the attitude, however, as the minutes passed, he lost in the field. In the event that Martino sends him from the start against Honduras, he must continue to mark that leadership and use himself thoroughly to be decisive in the commitment. 

- Jesús Corona: Tecatito is one of the most skilled footballers that El Tri has, however, so far in the qualifying matches he has lacked giving the last stretch. Much has been questioned about his performance that has gone from fair to poor. In addition to that he spends more time on the grass or demanding plays so that infractions are marked in his favor.

- Hirving Lozano: Without a doubt, forward Hirving Lozano is one of those most expected to perform on the pitch. He is one of the main talismans for the national team and the one who can make a difference. In the last match he had a good performance, although he missed one of the clearest and in the end he could no longer find the goal.

- Jesús Gallardo: Today one of the best full-backs in Mexico is Jesús Gallardo. The defender of Rayados de Monterrey is one of the essentials of the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino. In the previous game he lived a night with chiaroscuro, on the one hand he played a good role in front, although in the lower part the coverage was difficult.

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