While Bayern has the best team game in the world, Manchester United falls into individualities: What should they improve to be able to fight in Champions League?

Bayern Munich takes everything, and is the main candidate to win the Champions League. It has the best team game in the world, and everything indicates that it is the key to achieving it.

Bayern Munich team 2021
Bayern Munich team 2021

Bayern Münich once again swept a rival in the Champions League on Wednesday by beating Benfica 4-0 on matchday three of the group stage. Although the meeting was even in the first minutes and the Portuguese team even had the possibility of opening the scoring if it was not the talent of Manuel Neuer; those commanded by Julen Nagelsmann do not forgive.

In just a quarter of an hour, the Bavarians scored four goals and sentenced the third win in the zone. First it was Leroy Sané at 70 minutes who was in charge of opening the account; Everton, made it 2-0 at 80; Robert Lewandowski added another goal to his scoring account at 82 and again Sané closed the score at 84 minutes.

Bayern Munich's numbers are truly monstrous. If you analyze them coldly, you can see that it is the leader of Group E, with 9 points, the product of three victories. Now, analyzing more in depth, we can see that he scored 12 goals in the three games, and did not receive even one. However, this is no accident. For some time now, Bayern Munich has been the team with the best collective game in the world.

Everything indicates that he is the main candidate to stay with this edition of the UEFA Champions League, since in terms of football, no one can play him on an equal footing. However, there are teams of all kinds. Manchester United, for example, who have his sword beam.

However, and despite doing things well in the competition, it is a team that falls into its individualities, and everything indicates that that would not be enough in a possible confrontation between both.

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