When was the last time that Barcelona played the Europa League and what must happen for this to be repeated?

With the equality against Benfica, the possibility of qualifying for the Europa League begins to be close for Barcelona. The last antecedent occurred many years ago, before the change of format.


The draw against Benfica begins to lead Barcelona to the path of the Europa League. Xavi Hernández's team missed a Champions League opportunity and will need to get a good result against Bayern Munich to advance to the round of 16. If it doesn't, he'll have to settle for the second biggest club competition on the continent.

The delicate sporting situation of Barça does not seem to improve. Two 3-0 defeats, against Bayern and Benfica, wins by the minimum against Dinamo Kiev and now a zero draw against the Portuguese put the team before a tough finish in Group E of the Champions League. Thus, the possibility of qualifying for the round of 16 will depend on their performance against the Bavarians or the help of those from the Ukrainian capital.

When was the last time that Barcelona plays the UEFA Europa League?

The last precedent for Barcelona in the second most important club competition in Europe was with the old format, the so-called UEFA Cup. It was in the 2003-04 season, which does not bring good memories for Barça fans.

Barcelona vs Benfica: Highlights

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