What would be the consequences of the millionaire fraud of Juventus?

The Turin City Prosecutor's Office initiated the investigation of members of the ‘Vecchia Signora’ board of directors for the purchase of soccer players and other suspicious operations.

Juventus Team 2021
Juventus Team 2021

Black days in Turin. Although it is true, Juventus is one of the teams that is not going through a great footballing moment this season, since the results under the command of Massimiliano Allegri have not been as expected by the directive of the Italian team.

However, a new problem appeared inside the club, and that is that the Turin City Prosecutor's Office decided to search the institution's facilities to carry out an investigation into the purchase of footballers and other operations that have not been entirely transparent in the last three years.

According to the media in that country, they are targeting 282 million euros in capital gains. It was the Finance Guard (the tax affairs police), who confirmed in a statement that last night its agents accessed the vicinity of Juventus with the order to collect the documents related to their accounts for the period 2019- 2021.

Likewise, the City Prosecutor's Office suspects that the presidents ‘Bianconeros’ have committed crimes such as “falsification of documents and issuance of false invoices for non-existent operations”. Given this, the transfers and sales of players and the benefits of some agents who acted as intermediaries remained at the center of the scenes. It should be noted that the operation began on Friday afternoon after the closing of the Milan Stock Exchange, in order not to interfere with the club's price.

The worst descent for Juventus?

It is not the first time that Juventus have been involved in this type of situation. The most recent antecedent was the ‘Calciopoli’, which resulted in the relegation of the team to the Second Division. In this case, other teams such as Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Reggina were involved. The directors of these institutions were sanctioned for having inflicted on the appointment of arbitrators that were favorable to them during the Series A duels.

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