War of millions: Is the Manchester City or PSG squad worth more expensive?

Both teams make up Group A of the Champions League and won one game each.

PSG vs Manchester City
PSG vs Manchester City

If we talk about millionaire investments in football, two clear examples are Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain. Both clubs, which have an infinite wallet in each transfer market, will face each other in the group stage of the Champions League.

Each one dominates, to a greater or lesser extent, the national competencies of their countries. The last time they faced each other, the petrodollars of the English team were more effective than that of the French cast. Now, both teams faced each other in a test that exceeds sports because it is also a reference when it comes to the quality of the investment. However, on this issue they are even, as they won one game each.

How much does Manchester City squad cost?

According to the Transfermarkt site, the Manchester City squad is slightly more expensive than the Paris Saint Germain squad. The value of the entire workforce is 1,006 million euros. Its most expensive player is the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne, who is valued at 100 million European currency. The podium is completed by the English Raheem Sterling (90 sticks) and Phil Foden (80). The cheapest, on the other hand, is the Patrick Roberts steering wheel, at two million euros.

How much does Paris Saint Germain squad cost?

For its part, the PSG squad is valued at 994 million euros, just eight clubs less than City. Kylian Mbappé is one of the main people responsible for the fact that the French club's heritage is fighting hand in hand: the 22-year-old has a value of 160 million euros, although Madrid asks for more. Other of the main treasures of Paris are Neymar (100 million) and Lionel Messi (80 million).

Manchester City 2 - 1 PSG: Highlights

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