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Unbelievable: the ex Juventus who started an internship in the watch industry

A former defender of the ‘Vecchia Signora’ confirms his retirement and begins a new stage away from the soccer fields.


A former Juventus player turned away completely from football to dedicate himself to a very prominent industry in his country. The Swiss Stephan Lichtsteiner started an internship to work for a watch company. In this way, the former defender of the Swiss national team begins a new stage in his life, far away from the courts.

Through his Instagram account, the former Juventus left-back announced that he will start working for a major Swiss watch company. "I will learn the watchmaking trade as part of an internship at Maurice de Mauriac in Zurich!", The ex-footballer posted on his official Instagram account, reaffirming his retirement as a professional footballer, and telling his followers what destiny has in store for him.

On the other hand, the ex athlete spoke with the medium 20 minutes about his new experience in the watch industry. "It is a world that I have always loved, I want to know everything", confessed the former defender. Meanwhile, Maurice de Mauriac's networks added to the repercussions with a message for his new hire. "See you on Monday. Please be on time! ”, the company replied on Instagram, as a joke.

In addition to the joy of his new job, Lichtsteiner explained why he joined the six-month internship offered by the watch company. "If you are a banker, you can do that for your whole life, but if you are a footballer once you reach 30, you have to find something else to do" he assured.

Lichsteiner's comparison between football and the watch industry

Also, the former Arsenal and Juventus were encouraged to compare the work they currently do with what they did on the field of play. "Defense is an art, like making watches. Just turn a small screw for a great effect”, he explained. Meanwhile, the company does not rule out moving the Swiss to a permanent plant. "Our goal is a long-term partnership and we will move forward step by step", concluded Massimo Dreifuss, CEO of Maurice de Mauriac.

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